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Frantisek Peceny..Teardrops and dots vase for Hermanova 1978...Sklo Union

10.02.2012 – 00:01

Ref: Mark Hill Sklo book.Dare i say this is a rare one to find...well its dificult to find and have as yet only found it in this size 290mm.The vase has so much movement and really delights.It is know thus far in clear only.Made...[more]

Frantisek Peceny....bowl with gold rim made for Hermanova 1954

09.02.2012 – 23:59

Made for Hermanova 1954235mmRef: CD Markus Newhall.Various tableware.[more]

Frantisek Peceny ...Candlewax vase...Hermanova...1974....Sklo Union

09.02.2012 – 23:57

The most popular and commonly found vase designed by Frantisek Peceny 1974 made for Sklo UnionThese are found in various sizes and commonly in colorless glass.Green has been seen.Peceny worked for Hermanova for 30years where he...[more]

Frantisek Peceny...tableware serving plate for Hermanova 1947

09.02.2012 – 17:43

A tablware serving plate designed by Peceny for Hermanova 1947...19803....270 x 270mmThis pattern has proved difficult to find.[more]

Rudolf Jurnikl prolific and accomplished designer vase made for Rosice 1958

09.02.2012 – 17:41

Made for Rosice 1958260mmMade in different sizes.......ID glass message board.[more]

Rudolf Jurnikl....vase

09.02.2012 – 17:40

Made for Rosice 1961250mmdifferent sizes...this is the larger[more]

Rudolfova Jurnikl....four vertical rows of concave lenses..Rudolfova 1963...Sklo Union

09.02.2012 – 17:39

Made for Rudolfova 1963255mmThese come in different sizes[more]

Rudolf Jurnikl....rectangular jardinier with raised hobnail pattern..Rudolfova 1964

09.02.2012 – 17:36

Made for Rudolfova 1964110x220Once again a very stylish piece by Rudolf Jurnikl the jardinier has an oval with raised hobnail pattern.Appears in different colors.[more]

Rudolf Jurnikl...colorless Jardinere round hobnail pattern...Rudolfova 1964...Sklo Union

09.02.2012 – 17:34

Made for Rudolfova 1964130mmThis one has its original label.All labels are shown in Markus Newhall book.[more]

Rudolf Jurnikl...Sklo Union ...for Rudolfova 1965...pair candlesticks

09.02.2012 – 17:32

Rudolf Jurnikl worked mostly for Rudofova and produced stunning designs as seen in this pair of simple yet clean line in cube form.These still have their original label attached.Seen pictured in the art before industry book...[more]