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Frantisek Vizner...colorless vase for Rosice 1965

10.02.2012 – 00:16

A Frantisek Vizner colorless vase for Rosice 1965.I have found these had to find.[more]

Frantisek Vizner....for Rosice 1962...colorless vase

10.02.2012 – 00:15

A colorless vase by Vizner for Rosice 1965[more]

Frantisek Vizner...Blue vase...Hermanova 1962

10.02.2012 – 00:14

A super little blue vase by Frantisek Vizner for Hermanova 1962[more]

Frantisek Vizner blue vase with gold logo...Hermanova 1962

10.02.2012 – 00:13

A small blue vase with a company logo in gold by Vizner for Hermanova 1962[more]

Frantisek Vizner amber vase...Rosice

10.02.2012 – 00:11

Jo man listen to this....when ever i handle this design the vase seems to move in all directions and when photographed it seems to swell and swoon...what a crazy design and shape it always delights this one shown is...[more]

Vizner vase Hermanova 1965

10.02.2012 – 00:10

great design by Vizner in green for Hermanova 1965[more]

Vizner vase in a striking teal blue with Danish Logo Table Tennis trophy

10.02.2012 – 00:07

 A striking teal blue vase by Vizner. This piece was given as a trophy for Table Tennis 1969There is a mark to the underside stating Danmark with other info.[more]

Frantisek Peceny...vase 1972...colorless

10.02.2012 – 00:05

A popular design made for Hermanova 1972210mmcolorless glassI have noticed in Switzerland that most purchases were in colorless glass[more]

Frantisek Peceny....colorless vase with stripes and punits..Hermanova 1973...Sklo Union

10.02.2012 – 00:03

This one was made for Hermanova1973Stands 180mmThis one comes in various sizes and so far only in colorless glass.[more]

10.02.2012 – 00:03