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13.02.2012 – 07:48

Hanus Vaclav Drape vase Hermanova 1963

13.02.2012 – 07:41

A drape vase designed by Hanus Vaclav for Hermanova ...1963... ref no 20036[more]

12.02.2012 – 22:56

Urban Vladislav...Rough Stone design...candlestick 1969

12.02.2012 – 22:55

A candlestick made by Rosice in 1969 in the rough stone pattern[more]

Vladislav Urban Bowl...Moravia...stone textured.. Rosice1969

12.02.2012 – 22:53

This pattern comes in two variations and various sizes.So far i have only found these in colorless glass.Vladislav Urban graduated at the same time as Vizner 1962...Ref Marcus Newhall.He designed for several...[more]

Vladislav Urban bowl....Monravia...Rosice 1969..colorless glass

12.02.2012 – 22:52

This piece is 180x190mm and was designed for Rosice in 1969.Various sizes and so far only in colorless glass[more]

Vladislav Urban ...Rudolfova 1986....pineapple pattern vase

12.02.2012 – 22:51

I have called this a pineapple design but may go under another name....and these are found in diferent sizes.This one is 205mm.[more]

Vladislav Urban bowl/dish Monravia....variation..Rosice 1969

12.02.2012 – 22:49

One can compare this to the previous dish posted under Urban as Monravia and these one can see the variation.A very heavy piece of glass.[more]

Vladislav Urban...Colorless vases for Rosice 1967

12.02.2012 – 22:48

Once again super designed vases that will always be fashionable in many years to come.Strongly designed which would fit in very nicely with architect designed houses/appartmentsDesigned for Rosice 1967....size 140mm[more]

Vladislav Urban pair vases for Libochovice 1969....Sklo Union

12.02.2012 – 22:47

A pair of vases measuring 200mm and 250mm designed by Vladislav Urban for Libochovice 1969[more]

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