Hotel Restaurant Aquasana, Saas im Pr├Ąttigau

A true and tradition Swiss country Hotel/Restaurant. Here one finds very reasonable prices as well as connecting to the Local Culture. Friendly owners.

R hoch 2 AG

Klosters/Davos Tourisim

Here one can find their way around all the great touring/climbing spots.One need not stay in Klosters/Davos but rather choosing the smaller villages which offer wonderful character and value for money. Most are 5/9km away and all on bus routes/rail.

Saas im Prattigau

This link is in English and gives all the data on life and details of local area.

Saas Tourisim

Although all text in German pictures tell the story. A wonderful secret run/hide away spot which is close to all amenities and two well known resorts. Bus/train link