Seascape signed vase

Seascape vase

Seascape purfume bottle

Michael Harris Isle of Wight Glass Collection

06.06.2016 – 13:01

Signed pieces by Michael Harris

Over the last year i have been fortunate enough to find three superb pieces by Michael Harris who worked at the I.O.W. glass factory.

All three pieces with his full signature + I.O.W and numbered.

The first being a sun and moon vase in excellent condition. This appeared on a flea market or as some sale boot sale/garage sale. People so seldom take the time to look and try to decifer what is signed and hence one is able to pay a very reasonable price.

The second being a Seascape in the lollipop designed fully signed and numbered. The third being a Seascape purfume bottle. I have as yet not seen a signed Seascape purfume bottle signed and one wonders why there is so little on the market. Being a smaller piece and easy for travel i would have thought that there would be many more. Perhaps Mr.Harris did not have either the time or inclination to sign all of his production. That being said this purfume bottle should be one of the rarer items. It came from a top jeweller as he was divesting from fancy goods and focusing on jewels alone. As with the Seascape lollipop vase.

Delighted to have had a chance in buying them as signed pieces are harder to find and instantly snapped up. The Swiss market is rather good for finding art glass from Medina and I.O.W and there is plenty around. Those who have a piece with the original label have compared the prices on Ebay and hence no bargains to be found in these cases. No label but simply Medina screams bargain bargain bargain and these is a lot around.

I am not a collector of Medina or I.O.W glass but i do appreciate the great designs and quality. In the years to come these signed pieces will be going through the roof, price wise. I have always purchased good items, sometimes top price, and kept them for several years as money in the bank is worth zero. Ofcourse thats if one has enough to get by on without having to worry, am i spending too much.

There are several links listed for learning more on this factory and the man who created these delightful objects. It is still in operation run by his son (Michael deceased)and the production is of a very high standard,design and quality.

By: norman warbreck