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Majolica deep dish

Deep dish

Italian or Spanish Majolica Chargers.....early and late 19thc

06.06.2016 – 13:36

Majolica chargers

Presented are two rather unusual,for me that is, majolica chargers painted in the basic three colors and heavily potted. The painting is naive with fluid brushstrokes and the tin glaze is very thin indeed.

I have tried researching the origin of these but to no avail. The closest i can find is perhaps north Italian or Spanish.

I simply cannot resist buying the unknown, recognizable, weird and unusual. It does give a bit of a thrill as it means that there is a lot of research and that in turn takes one on a journey of discovering so many other things, i call them things, some would hang me for saying so, but in reality thats all they are. Charming, naive and simple taking us back to the days when, when there was still lead oxide in the paints and thebsic design and painting for the times.

There was great competion for business in the production of these *things* worldwide and after the discovery of fine porcelains the market changed considerably.The smaller studios found themselves in difficulties and production came to a halt. The deeper dish shown must have been much loved as it was not thrown away but loving re-glued. The larger charger was purchased a long time before i purchased the deep dish and the charger has also had a repair and kept hanging on the wall. The owner prized it so much that he/she could not bring themself to toss it into the rubbish tip.

I guess thats the big reason that brought me to buying them with scant knowledge of the provinance of age, but knowing some what of the slip glaze technique they screamed, come and buy me.I would love to hear from those in the know who where or what these delightful pieces come from.

By: norman warbreck