Hispano Charger

Hispano charger

Napels Charger

Napels Charger

Hispano Moresque Lustre Pottery Charger with Lion

21.03.2016 – 09:20

Raised 4 petal flowers with heraldic lion in blue and copper lustre 15th/16thc

On my travels of late this charger was found on the bottom shelf of a store where all the non discript/junk items were stacked. The copper lustre reminded me of English wares by William De Morgen but far from his designs.

After enquiring about the age of this piece i was informed that it could be as early as 15th/16thc but not being that offay with these items i still remain unsure.

The clay is a dull buff colour (can be seen where the enamel has chipped off) and the glaze is rather thinly applied. The blue is not distinctly strong in colour . The central design of a rampart lion naively painted and one can see that there is some dirt /grit under the painting.

The charger is deep in form and weighs 2,76kg. The reverse painted with rings and stripes in a copper lustre.

I would be most grateful for any guidance as to age and the significance of the rampart lion.

The second charger i do believe is from Napels being hand painted and once again showing a naive scene of a farm house (i presume) The basic colours leave me to believe that this is a piece from the early 19thc and not that common.

The border has a rather wishy washy blue with a brown circle border. The Yellow band with intertwined Cs in a deeper brown. The scene of the house in yellow and a deep brown, nearly black look in colour. The green is not that deep in colour. The body of the charger is crackeled and has overall fine specks of dirt under the glaze.

The reverse shows a shiny tin glaze and has small pieces of clay which have been picked up in the oven. When held to the light it looks as if the body under the tin glaze is pinkish in nature.

Once again i would be most grateful for comments on this piece which i purchased 7 years ago.

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By: norman warbreck