Haussmann Fritz Switzerland pottery....Update

16.11.2014 – 20:13

I am delighted in sharing the following information and pictures with those who have interest in all things Haussmann. A wonderful customer who has followed my blog has recently found these as a lot. What a lucky girl!

Whilst chatting to Anais about some other pottery she told me about her spectacular buy. i have never found a coffee pot or seen a milk jug that comes from the house of Haussmann. They are all of the same clay and the glazes are just so Haussmann not to mention the simplicity and functionality. The handles on the milk jugs are so generous and look easy to hold and control. One jug has the Indor tea mark which was used by Haussmann the other unmarked but surely his design.

The smaller piece which is thought to be a candle stand...or perhaps a tea dish where a small strainer was place on the top of the bowl and the wider section for over spill. Would be great if someone else has any idea as to its use. The only reason i think its got to do with tea is that it was all purchased together with all the drinking vessels.

My Haussmann collection grows by the week and now all i need to do is persuade Anais to part with her booty!!

The link to her shop is as follows .

where she has an upmarket and stylish Galerie ...Etoz dealing in designer furniture etc.

Certainly worth a visit for some of the best available.