On the way to the shop in Davos

A large pair of Meissen Figures 1860

A Rare English Champagne taster

A Cabinet cup and saucer ..Berlin 1840

Davos Switzerland... admist an Antique shop with International delights

24.01.2012 – 15:22

Davos Switzerland is an amazing spectacle covered in sparkling snow amidst stands an Antique shop filled with delights.

It has been a month where the snow has been relentless and certainly causing blocked up roads and trees with every branch loaded to the hilt. More so the roofs with more than a meter and a half giving that look of puff pastry dusted with icing snow and photographers taking their pic of the more spectacular and weird ones galore.

Whilst driving very slowly through the main street one experiences a quietness in the air and I find it rather quirky that voices are rather restrained and quiet. This gentleness makes one wonder why so many come and visit and then one sees a large gathering at the base of the ski-lifts with young and mature alike.
Amidst the scene of slowly moving vechiles and horse drawn carriages one passes our shop in Davos Dorf with our windows show off some of the very best that is on offer not merely collectibles but also a large variety of household items for everyday use. Here I also seem to think that buying an older piece as opposed to a modern piece is that we are supporting that green footprint and a whole lot more earth friendly. I guess I could conjure up a very long list as to why I would be buying an older piece but then our tastes do differ and there are persons who will never buy anything antique.

Recently I visited a friends home and on the breakfast table stood a small crystal jar on a silver underplate and a silver lid topped off with a bee. The underside of the lid had a catch which allowed the lid to be hooked onto the crystal bowl whilst in use. Where in today`s market place do we find these neat finesses with a delightful bee standing proud. The table hosted a number of other stylish items which made one feel…oh lets try that and please pass me that one and before I knew it we had spent a good hour and half over breakfast.
We also take care in finding specific items for our customers wishing to complete their existing services. Customers from around the globe have visited our shop and we have a large list of wanted items so we keep searching to fill the orders which in turn finds me travelling the length and breadth of Switzerland. We only purchase items available in Switzerland as this enables us to keep a fair price.

Meissen still appears to be very popular and we regularly find pieces that are rather unusual but again these pieces do sell rather quickly, Scandinavian porcelain/pottery are certainly popular and of which we have over the years built up an extensive and wide ranging stock. Listed here is a fine example of the Berlin factory showing a stunning hand painted cup and saucer and am rather sure that the final destination will not be a breakfast table but then one never knows, I guess it all depends which realm one lives in.

So why not pop by or visit our website which sadly we cannot list all the items. By next month you will find a new look site and updated to enable us to load and feature a whole host of items.
Looking forward to seeing or hearing from you.
Davos Dorf….125 Promenade….near Swisscom
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