Tankard in Brass from the theater of World War 11

American Brass Trench Art World War 11

American Trench Art World war two stippled Tankard made from brass salvaged from the battle fields Europe

10.08.2016 – 15:48

This wonderful piece of Trench Art made from brass that was salvaged from the battlefields of World War 11. The tankard is stippled with an entire over view of the battle fields showing the collapse of the enemies and their revelant dates also their neighbors...Spain and Greece.

It shows how the Americans advanced right up to Germany where the Germans surrendered on May 2 1945. In this area the artist(soldier) has drawn three Germans with their hands raised and each has a Swastika on their tunics.

Also depicted is the landing in Southern France on August 15, 1944. The areas are then shown which fall to American and allied forces.

Corsica & Sardinia falls Sept 1945

Tunis & Bizerte falls May 7 1943

Other areas of interest : Anzio falls 22 Jan 1945

Salerno falls 16 Sept 1943

Foggia falls 27 Seot 1943

Napels falls 1 Oct 1943

Volurno crossed 15 Oct 1943

Casino May 18.....Rome June 5.....& Florence 10 Aug 1944....Spain is depicted on the left hand side of the Tankard with trees and locals in costume. Lower showing Algeria and the Mediterranaen.

Malta...where the Italian fleet surrenders 11 Sept 1943

On the right hand side of the tankard is Greece & the Agenean Sea. Mountains and locals in costume.

Other small details : Explosion clouds, palm trees, ships at sea, American soldier with rifle, American soldier with back pack and rifle charging into Italy.

The work on the Tankard is very well done yet the handle is rather basic. Original patination with no repairs. 12,5cm

I have no idea of whether the creator of the tankard has all his dates and places correct...but i guess if not so there would be someone who certainly knows.

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By: norman Warbreck