There's a hell of a lot of snow... We got 1.20 meters within 8 hours

There's a hell of a lot of snow...

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

A History in 100 Objects...McGregor/BBC Radio

14.02.2012 – 11:13

To start the New Year wishing all a peaceful 2012 filled with good health and fortune

The snow certainly came down and covered the countryside turning it into a sparkling wonderland...a true delight for all story tellers and movie directors as some of the pictures could never be reproduced. Every girls dream wether 5 or 50... stretch it 90 years old it really is rather magic and fills the heart with clean fresh ideas.

Ok so i will share some pics taken from my terrace...over looking the valley and a pic of a friend,,,,totaly bored at xmas...perhaps too much to do beforehand...but all in all a great and all.

I was given a most interesting gift for xmas and havent put it down for long with an excitment of what lies ahead on the pages to whats the title...

A History in 100 Neil MacGregor

This i have found to be a stunningly written book filled with 100 objects that certainly titilate the mind as well as what perhaps was. This series run by BBC Rasio was started in early 2010 and is available on the web....BBC
One starts to wonder with these 100 objects chosen what can be told with the millions of items avaiable in their museum and cellars.
I find the writing and structure of the book which takes one on a trip through ages with texts by numerious studied persons which brings the story to some sort of understanding as not all items are pinpointed to exact manufacture precise dates and in some cases who the item belonged to.
All the same it is really a great read and with my computer alongside i took myself on the travels where i found that i needed more information and hours later i had done a lot more reading on that single subject....and here i have a confession...i hated history as a subject!! With MrMacGregor as teacher/professor/guide i would have taken to the subject as a duck to water.
I do encourage those who have liitle interest to go to the BBC Radio link i have given and experience something of a lifetime.

Xmas was a day where the snow had fallen and all of a sudden it had slightly darkened a quietness fell and then as sofly as the last snowflake fell i heard the rise of gentle xmas mood music filling the air and slowly there was the first ring of the door bell....and before one knew it they had all arrived with the kids filled with excitement to see the hidden tree loaded with presents wrapped in exoctic papers/ribbons and bows.
Waiting for all the presents to be opened then off to dinner...yeah this pic tells it all

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