Antique Islamic wall tile

Antique Islamic wall tile

15.02.2012 – 15:07

The wall tile featured here was purchased from a well respected home in Zurich as well as a few others.English and Dutch delt tiles totalling 7 in all.The raised pattern is rather special and the enameling is great but there...[more]

West German Carstens Fat Lava Jug in stunning blues

West German Carstens Fat Lava Jug in stunning blues

15.02.2012 – 15:05

this picture shows us the wonderful creations of the cartens factory where they created some of the most amazing lava items and remembering this jug is most likely a one off with its unique structure.i have not seen another like...[more]

Collection...Scheurich vases

A collection of Scheurich lava vases that sets the heart beating and blood pumping

15.02.2012 – 14:58

Posted by Administrator so what makes us want to collect anything at all perhaps thats what makes us happy and ofcourse the wanting to know our subject and its we have german ceramics 60/70s which is not so long...[more]

Art Deco finds over easter....and good rest

15.02.2012 – 14:57

Well after a weekend of solid rest and plenty of well deserved sleepam now back after enjoying a snow filled holiday with some blizzard it was mostly indoors.later today i will be loading a very rare english soft...[more]

Liverpool creamware mug ...sucess to the British Fleet

Rare Liverpool creamware mug with black transfer...Success to the British fleet...

15.02.2012 – 14:54

Doing some work on english porcelain/ceramics i called to mind this fab mug that i had packed away many years ago and it was a case of finding it and hopefully still safe and sound.It was a case of... i think i know where it...[more]

Nantgarw porcelain plate decrated with flowers ..1820

Nantgarw Porcelain the finest of english porcelain..c 1820 found in the Swiss Alps.

15.02.2012 – 14:51

So i have been a bit slow this week as there has just been so much snow ...again...and tjhat means home work comes first and all the shovelling.Also had meetings in the big city so it gave me the opportunity to do some antique...[more]

extemely rare Dutch Delft Dog unrecorded c1740 decorated with flowers base fully colored

extemely rare Dutch Delft Dog unrecorded c1740 decorated with flowers base fully colored

15.02.2012 – 14:49

its been sometime that i added an entry as there has been so much to do and then life is not all that simply having to contend with the ups and downs and now thats out of the way i hope to be back to sharing some more little...[more]

Orrefors grand prix medalist Sven Palmquist ..vase

Orrefors grand prix medalist Sven Palmquist

15.02.2012 – 14:46

Some of the most desirable glass was made by the famous Orrefors factory of Sweden which employed some of the best designers over a long period.They won several grand prix medals at exhibitions and their works demand a good...[more]

Figure of figure...the first cuckoo

Royal Worcester figure by Freda Doughty...the first cuckoo

15.02.2012 – 14:43

Once again a figure by the famous Royal Worcester factory and designed by Freda Doughty who came to england as a young child and later modelled figures from the children that filled her it is noted that she did not...[more]

Russian silver milk jug Moscow 1908

Russian...Moscow....silver milk jug 1908..1926

15.02.2012 – 14:38

there has been so much on the go here in switzerland with all the soccer so exciting and yeah tons of people.The heat has been too much and found myself eating so many that would really help to cool down,,but...[more]