Rare Rusha vase in blue and gold

Rusha ceramics turns up a unique find in Switzerland

15.02.2012 – 15:30

well it never ceases to amaze me of what turns up in the weirdest places.The picture above shows a Rusha vase decorated in the art nouveau style with a modern twist and surely unique.I have hunted through the sites and asked many...[more]

Ando Jubei cloisonne vase Meiji period.

Ando Jubei cloisonne vase Meiji period.

15.02.2012 – 15:26

well just when you think you have found little of consequence the heavens seem to direct you to the gems that simply lie around.I was called out by a lady to view some furniture that she wanted to sell and during the visit i had...[more]

Tortoiseshell tea caddy..

Antique Tortoise Tea Caddy with inlaid Mother of Pearl & silver

15.02.2012 – 15:23

i am always amazed at the varieties of teas available today whereas 100 years ago it was a precious and expensive commodity which had to be under lock and key.speaking about "precious" hello P and thanks for the...[more]

Variety silver tea caddy spoons

Darling-jee ... tea and antique tea caddy spoons

15.02.2012 – 15:21

darjeeling tea is a must darling!!so we have spoken about tea caddies and here i have shown the essentials for the measuring of the then very expensive tea of the 18th century.the short squat caddy spoon an essential item in...[more]

English silver mote spoon

ANTIQUE ...RE...mote spoon and the essence of serving tea,,,

15.02.2012 – 15:19

so we have spoken about tea caddies and caddy spoons all related to the event of tea and now for a rare spoon that was used once again by the elite so that their cup of tea was clear and seen the bowl has a fancy...[more]

Whieldon style tea pot marked Wedgwood in green and brown

Whieldon style tea pot and the elegance of tea

15.02.2012 – 15:17

we have read about the elegance of tea and serving tea so how can we leave out the most important object...the teapot...well here it is pictured a wedgwood porcealin teapot "in the style of" weildon.whieldon being an...[more]

Ruscha fat lava vase in brown,cream and green


15.02.2012 – 15:14

these last weeks have turned up 15 Ruscha vases and jugs most with their ART LABELS still attached.the one pictured left has a Fat Lava glaze on a deep brown base and white (thick)fat one will note the strong handle...[more]

Iranian watercolorist of an Arab

Iranian watercolorist catches the eye for the select

15.02.2012 – 15:12

The year draws to an end...a sad one at that but then life goes on and we discover new things.overall the year was kind to me and i see myself running a shop in zurich in the new year and that will once again take up so much time...[more]

Julian de la Herreira...Paraguayan wall charger

Julian de la Herreira...Paraguayan wall charger

15.02.2012 – 15:10

....A most unusual find.This pre columbian charger designed and made by Andres Campos Cervera who went under the pseudonym Julian de la Herreira in the early 20thc.Also a famous artist and  later in life started with his...[more]

Loetz Formosa green glass vase - Authentic

Loetz Formosa green glass vase - Authentic

15.02.2012 – 15:09

Today i would like to share with you what Loetz glass is really all about and will help those who are buyers and collectors from being fooled by those who sell FAKES.Loetz operated in Austria and was the premier glass works...[more]