Haussmann Fritz Switzerland pottery....Update

16.11.2014 – 20:13

I am delighted in sharing the following information and pictures with those who have interest in all things Haussmann. A wonderful customer who has followed my blog has recently found these as a lot. What a lucky girl! Whilst...[more]

Haussmann teapot

Fritz Haussmann Bauhaus Teapots

14.09.2014 – 18:56

Fritz Haussmann Bauhaus Teapot Over the last 7 years i had the fortune to meet a young gent who had a great interest in all things Haussmann…well perhaps not all but at least he got me interested and all of a suddenly a whole...[more]

Green and red High glaze Spörri

Gustav Spörri Keramik and the wonderful creations of a master potter

13.03.2014 – 16:22

Gustav Spörri and the wonderful creations of a master potter Over the last 7 years I have eagerly sought and found a large number of Gustav Spörri creations from the more sedate to the most imaginative forms/shapes and designs....[more]

Black yellow bird vase/jug

Andrè Louis Freymond Swiss ceramist

27.02.2014 – 21:48

Andrè Louis Freymond ceramist Switzerland A recent find that was like a slap in the face piece and also very surprising where it was found. No I am not telling as perhaps there will be more, not to say it came cheap as the...[more]

Etling Art Deco opalescent glass naked figurine ...... Meissen and Royal Doulton

25.02.2014 – 15:19

Etling – Meissen and Royal Doulton nude bathing beauties We have three super rare figurines featuring bathing beauties of which the Etling glass figurine is the latest acquisition. This wonderful opalescent figurine of a lady...[more]

Wedgwood Creamware teabowl & saucer

Wedgwood Cream wares ---Queensware c1800

17.12.2013 – 20:28

WEDGWOOD QUEENSWARE-CREAMWARE c1800 Teabowls & Saucers Transfer-Print Once again Zurich surrenders the treasures of the past and great items at that. I bought these magnificent creamware teabowls and saucers along my...[more]

Royal Doulton prototype figurine *The Bather* by Lesie Harradine

24.11.2013 – 19:54

Royal Doulton Prototype *The Bather* Figurine This all white figurine of *The Bather* by Royal Doulton was designed by L.Harradine in the earls 1920`s. It is said to be a pilot figure to the then future production of all the...[more]

Hare Fur bowl by Gunnar Nyland

Rorstrand Harefur Bowls by Gunnar Nyland

21.10.2013 – 15:39

Gunnar Nyland Hare Fur Bowls The history of the man is great reading which is in the link below * The Man* All has been said and really not much more i can add except that his works are really stunning and will be just as...[more]

Berlin Hot Chocolate cup

Antique Hot Chocolate cups and Saucers

17.10.2013 – 15:15

Antique Hot Chocolate Cups The advent of the discovery of the Cacao Bean (300 B.C -500 A.D) took 500 years to become the world`s most sought after commodity For years after it was discovered it was hidden from society and only...[more]

Nyon Teabowl 1750/90

Rare Swiss Nyon Teabowl and Saucer...painted with delicate flowers

05.10.2013 – 18:42

Rare Swiss Nyon Tea Bowl And Saucer 1750/90 Here is a stunning example and probably one of the best Nyon painters and colors that says it all telling of the exquisiteness of the delicate and precise painting at the time. This...[more]

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