Charger hand painted with wild strawberries

Ruth Keller Swiss Ceramist....Schweiz Keramik

18.08.2016 – 10:34

Large charger hand painted with wild Strawberries[more]

Tankard in Brass from the theater of World War 11

American Trench Art World war two stippled Tankard made from brass salvaged from the battle fields Europe

10.08.2016 – 15:48

This wonderful piece of Trench Art made from brass that was salvaged from the battlefields of World War 11. The tankard is stippled with an entire over view of the battle fields showing the collapse of the enemies and their...[more]

Seascape signed vase

Michael Harris Isle of Wight Glass Collection

06.06.2016 – 13:01

Signed pieces by Michael Harris[more]

Singing Chief Oskenonton

Chief Oskenonton 1888/1955 Son & Grandson of great Chiefs from the Mohawk tribe of the Bear Clan

26.03.2016 – 14:17

A collection of Atrifacts of the famous Mohawk Chief Oskenonton[more]

Hispano Charger

Hispano Moresque Lustre Pottery Charger with Lion

21.03.2016 – 09:20

Raised 4 petal flowers with heraldic lion in blue and copper lustre 15th/16thc[more]

Langnau Charger 1763

Langnau Keramik Teller dated 1763 Switzerland

14.03.2016 – 18:17

Rare Langnau Charger...Langnau Teller 1763[more]

Haussmann Fritz Switzerland pottery....Update

16.11.2014 – 20:13

I am delighted in sharing the following information and pictures with those who have interest in all things Haussmann. A wonderful customer who has followed my blog has recently found these as a lot. What a lucky girl! Whilst...[more]

Haussmann teapot

Fritz Haussmann Bauhaus Teapots

14.09.2014 – 18:56

Fritz Haussmann Bauhaus Teapot Over the last 7 years i had the fortune to meet a young gent who had a great interest in all things Haussmann…well perhaps not all but at least he got me interested and all of a suddenly a whole...[more]

Green and red High glaze Spörri

Gustav Spörri Keramik and the wonderful creations of a master potter

13.03.2014 – 16:22

Gustav Spörri and the wonderful creations of a master potter Over the last 7 years I have eagerly sought and found a large number of Gustav Spörri creations from the more sedate to the most imaginative forms/shapes and designs....[more]

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